The world in our generation has moved from reality to virtuality, virtual is now more real than the real. The virtual world is more powerful than the real. Though we are alive in the real world we are living a virtual life. The first thing I do today when I wake up is to check my emails, my social networking space, twitter and blog. Everything else comes next. We cry, we smile, we get angry and fight in real for something that happens virtually. Today we want our online profiles to look more beautiful than our homes, afterall we technically live there than in reality. A friend of mine met me a few months back with an idea to make virtual something we do in real. He wanted to provide a platform for the netizens (yes being a lawyer we extensively studied about citizenship, but netizenship is a concept yet to be legally ratified) to protest. I told him that this is already happening. We protest by showing our displeasure on our blogs, social networking sites and the likes of twitter. We all do it, even though it is mostly not heard. He then asked me if I am angry over some issue and would want to break glasses or maybe set a bus on fire, can we do it virtually. Well honestly I wouldnt do it even in real, So his idea was to let us protest and show our anger by doing things we are not able to do even in reality. A place where protest petitions be signed, show our displeasure by quietly lighting a candle or make noise by breaking glasses. And the idea was to get heard by those who needed to change, those who had committed the wrong. I thought if this was practical, if it made sense. It somehow did, but I told him that it might not be totally viable. The same guy called me 2 days back and asked me to check, i checked the website and was amazed that he had brought his thoughts and ideas into life. The website was interactive and I could register my protest in ways I could not do in reality. Though it was a little far fetched but it gave that satisfaction of releasing the anger. Great innovative website, it surely can bring a change to the way we protest and can make a dent on those who think themselves to be immortals. The way we are moving out of reality towards the virtuality, its not too far when we would all have the split personality disorder. We are two different people online and offline, trying not to mix the two. The mixing of the two would definitely bring around a fatal change. It would get difficult to live both and eventually choose one. Thats why I think a balance of both is needed. The moment one takes over the other, the disastrous would begin. So live virtually without disturbing the reality, coz virtual is all because of the real. Signing out..Woof Woof !!!

9 thoughts on “REALITY VIRTUAL !!

  1. For me the virtual is as real as the real world coz at the end of it we are all real people even when we interact virtually. Good going lawyer…..keep it up 🙂

  2. Hey Lawyer
    Thanks buddy , yea this project indeed came to my mind when were discussing creating a group that will act as a pressure point to the establishment. Its good to see you included this idea of mine in your barking page:) thanks a ton

    1. Dada your idea was innovative and it has the potential to bring accross a change, feel you should incorporate more into the website, would let you know when we discuss. 🙂 thanks for the comment.

  3. very nice writing style that make some thoughts of mine want to become words without thinking too much and without any order. after all this is the virtual world, no real world judge should be around.
    virtual world is as much real as we want it to be real and its sad that one gives it so much power that he/she actually lives in it. not everything happens in the virtual world, no results that force themselves in the real world, no automatic reactions. you might react in the virtual world, answering an email, a post but still, reaction happens in your real world head.
    do we want to be heard by those who need to change? maybe then we should listen to ourselves. who can you blame if not yourself for using mail, bloggs, twitter, etc? sure, we live in that real world in which exists the virtual world and we have to go somehow with the flow (laws make sure we do), but still, you can use your own arms, legs, brain to see if you want to take this river or the other one, if you want to go fast or slow, if you want to write an email or a letter. only because someone provides one kind of material it does not mean you have to use it. and if you do us it, then better with your own will, your own laws which bot overleap the laws of civilization….the ones in the real world…and if you cant….well yes, there might be the virtual world after all…but without separating personality…

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