Change, one word which is connected with us from the moment we open our eyes in this weird world. From our inception all that we are asked for is to change, all that people expect from us is to change. We too are a part of the gentry and we too keep trying our best to change everything and everyone around us to suit our own comfort and convenience. But what we always forget is that the same force is working on us, even we are being changed in this changing process. We all believe that change is good, after all this is what fuels the process of evolution. But somehow we don’t realise that this change is mostly not for good.

Its said love should be unconditional, and true love always exist. I think its true and it does exist as its true only when we be what we are and let our partner be what they are. But most of the times we end up changing ourself or our partner and then fall off love. Fall off because the person we loved doesnt remain the same, change takes its toll and so it’s not possible to love this new person who emerges after the changing process.
If we start being ourself and we stop expecting the unexpected from anything and anyone things would be less wrong in life. We all are right in our own ways, in our own perception and understandings. So we should try to understand what we think to be wrong is right for the other, give it a hearing before coming to a conclusion, maybe what you believe to be right might actually be wrong. It is the bit of innocence in us that still keeps some love and smile alive in this rigid world. I always thought that a child is life in its purest form, unfazed by anything good or bad, for the child everything is good and nothing is bad, till he/she learns it or is taught about it.

Change is needed and we can’t live without changing, after all we move to a new day with every step of ours. But we always try to change others and let others change us, I believe that if we try to change ourself and let others change themselves then we surely would love this change as it would be for the good, after all nobody knows you better than you.

3 thoughts on “UNCHANGE THE CHANGE !!

  1. Well, it’s true, that i am trying my best to change everything around me, and not to suit my own comfort and convenience, but to make the world a little better. I do not wait for changes, I want to change the world.
    And what concerns changing a partner, if people want to change for their love, they can lose not only their partner, but surely they can lose their identity. If it is true love, he/she will accept you as you are, and won’t want you to change and vice versa.

  2. change is synonymous with life..it’s a process..an ever continuing, never ending process..which is born with an idea/thought/belief…it is just change, good or bad is subjective.. for some it maybe good, for others the very same change might be bad…what is important is what was the drive that lies beneath the inception of that thought/idea/belief which in the first place started this process…for example a child when is naughty it’s passed off as innocence..’cuz the idea beneath that act is not that of malice but ignorance, if that child, after doing that naughtiness out of his own rationale decides nt to do it or if he does so after being explained he consequences it’s still a positive change..bt if he does it in response to some fear or reward the idea behind the change gets adulterated & the purity & innocence of the inception is lost..so it is possible that a change that is brought by intervention (like by the one’s of those ho love us)can also be good,it’s d intent that counts but yeah like you said the best of all the changes is the one that comes from within, as a result of some rationalized thought process.

  3. people change only because of themselves in a percefct world only, which by the way, doesn’t exist. in some other article You said Yourself, that we love ourselves – yes we do, so it’s very hard to recognize the bad in ourselves, admit it, and be willing to make a change. sometimes it’s possible to notice it only thanks to others. and we should let them point it out and expect a change – especially if it’s someone who care about us and the relationship we have.

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