Ayodhya: the India changer !

Ayodhya, a city which has been a part of our lives since always. Ayodhya is the reason for the birth of communalism in this secular country. Religion based politics started thanks to the so called Ayodhya dispute. With every election in the country we relive the Mandir (Temple) and Masjid (Mosque). We get to hear Mandir and Masjid more than most of us would even go to in our lives.

So what exactly is this Ayodhya issue? A lot of people from our generation had not heard of it till before the news channels started flashing the arrival of the judgment. I was speaking to a friend and she asked me what was this case of which the judgment is coming about. Tried to explain her in details and she didn’t really understand. So told her in simple language, it’s a dispute regarding the title (ownership) of a piece of land, the question is to whom does this land belongs to, the Mandir (Temple) or the Masjid (Mosque)? She responded, isn’t such cases pending in millions in our courts?

Exactly, we have millions of cases regarding the title of land pending and none of them are given so much importance. My father is contesting a title suit filed by his elder brother on our ancestral property. Today they are like arch enemies and are doing their best to win the case. Things also got violent sometimes and yet the case is continuing. The day their case is decided the court would hold the title in one of their names. So it doesn’t mean that the losing side would go and kill the other side, or we their kids would fight because the case is going on or the case is decide in someones favour. Were we all not taught the Hindu Muslim bhai bhai thing, I do have muslim friends and their family treats me the same way as their son.

The other day I was in the Supreme Court attending the hearing of the petition filed for deferement of the Ayodhya verdict, lawyers for all the parties in the case, be it the temple or the mosque were hand in hand, praying for a dismissal and for making way for a judicial end to this unending saga or the blotch on our secularism. The lawyers were all together be it of any religion and were singing the same tune, this is what keeps us together. There are times when I appear for muslims and they treat me the same way as they would have treated a muslim lawyer. We are not living anymore in the age where religion was ahead of our moral and social values.

We all in India have been living under the same sky, unfazed by the religion we practice. When I was in the hostel we used to call each other by our roll numbers and even after passing out from there we didn’t know the names, religion, caste of each other, all that we knew was the roll number, everyone was equal and equally unequal. Why do we need to distinguish each other with religions?

We have lived through a lot of bloody phases in history and all these phases have done nothing good but taken us behind our times. Economic development is directly related to the social development. We Indians have a habit of spending our time and money issueless issues. It is time to accept that this Ayodhya case is nothing but a land dispute, same as the millions pending in our crowded courts. We need to accept that owning this piece of land would not make any religion superior or inferior. It would all remain the same, the preachers would preach with the same zeal and dedication and the atheists would still remain an atheist. Our constitution gives us a fundamental right to practise our religion, today we all do it, but is going to temples guarded by armed guards or to mosques with a fear of life really enjoying our fundamental right?

‘Religions are flawed, because we humans are flawed’.


3 thoughts on “Ayodhya: the India changer !

  1. India Certainly Has Been A Self-Prejudiced Nation. It Doesn’t See What Is. It Sees What It Has Been Told To See. By Generations. By Scriptures. By Whosoever But The Time Being. Now. It Gradually Isn’t. Common Man Is Getting His Own Common Sense.

  2. I tend to quite agree with your points. I’m myself an atheist, so I’m not at all interested in a Temple at Ayodhya, but I’ve also seen the media and politicians get quite dishonest in this matter (except politicians from BJP of course, who incidentally happened to be on the side of facts), trying to fabricate history and cover up facts. And now that the verdict has come, it is easy to see that the law is also on the side of a temple at the disputed site, unless of course, if the SC totally overturns the Allahabad HC verdict.

    Was surprised to see that despite being a lawyer your take was not related to legal concerns. 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Yup, agree with you. We’ve moved ahead of Hindu-Muslim rivalry and such other petty things. After the verdict was announced, one news channel went about asking people walking down the street about their reaction…and most of them (mostly youngsters) said that it didn’t matter much to them. They just want peace.
    It’s the politicians and sponsored media that try to spread negative sentiments. Point in case….Time Of India – India’s no.1 English daily, tried to create some discomfort by flashing front page headlines “Hindus get 2/3rd, Muslims get 1/3rd” … there were strong reactions against this. Not interms of religious hatred but hatred against media. I guess media houses learnt a big lesson that day, that the youngsters of today can’t be misguided by shoddy journalism. We know what’s right and what’s not and all we’re concerned about is peace & prosperity of our country.

    P.S. Sorry for sucha long reply…couldn’t help poking my nose.

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