Lawyer by profession, traveler by choice, experimental cook and artist, trying to discover my lost humor, so start making some new lawyer jokes based on me, maybe it would make me discover the hidden humor. And yes I am learning to bark (Bhaunk).


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Welcome to the blogging world..though have managed to know quite a lot of things about you.. but im sure the real barking words are gonna appear in this space.. 🙂
    Looking forward to more n more posts that would sound like barks..
    n May you discover the long lost U-mor..
    God Bless You… Have a Wonderful Experience..!! 🙂

  2. Hey, we are a bunch of engineering students who are impressed with your views on the Anna Movement. We would like to have you in our institute and share your opinion with the student community out here
    Please drop in a mail to auroshisdas@gmail.com for the details…
    Really looking forward to your reply at the earliest…

  3. I love dogs too, and since Indianness is back in fashion, bhow bhow! 🙂
    A dog loving lawyer against corruption seems almost a paradox!

    Now, I have had an idea for a long time:
    The biggest problem with law is that it is too complicated for the common man, and derives more from case history than from common law. These are two glaring loopholes.
    I would love it if you gave some serious treatment in your blog to make a case for simplifying legal terminology and making laws available in Hindi at first, and then all regional languages.
    This is a task that will guarantee many lawyers ample employment without screwing their clients, without the stress of defeat in a case and which will also make law accessible to the common man.
    You alone can’t do this, of course, but look at what one blog can do in the legal world – Groklaw by Pamela Jones – she singlehandedly defeated Microsoft’s backroom machinations and saved the world from a widespread patent-tyranny.

    Everyone is not PJ, but think of it – a blog site (or group of blogs) which explains law in common terms, in multiple languages is quite a long-term and far-reaching phenomenon. You should also consider making a group of like-minded lawyers who whether doggy or sharp eagle, will join you to start this lest the burden be too much for you alone.

    Unfortunately, I’m a programmer and not a lawyer, and so dealing with large text isn’t exactly my forte. I work in total brevity. Quite the opposite of law.
    If you need help in brevity I can help.

    So lets get barking and bark so loud that its better than a bite.

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