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The people revolution.

I was recently talking to someone from Tunisia and could feel a distinct happiness in her voice. The happiness of getting an identity of being from a free country. It was the joy of being independent from a corrupt head of the state for whom ruling was more of a play than a profession. I thought of the time when we got free, the moment which defined the lives of all of us to a big extent.

The Jasmine revolution was a bold step taken by the Tunisians to throw a man who has ruled them for more than 20 years. A revolution in an Arab nation itself was a far sighted dream. Thereby paving the path to the change in the Arabic world order, a change which can wipe off a lot of stigma attached to that part of the world and bringing it more closer to the rest of the world.

The Jasmine revolution has already spilled over to the other countries and expectedly should lead to a fall of power in Egypt very soon.

I was wondering if this revolution is just the beginning of a new world order. Would the revolution bring down the dictators, dynasties and governments which have been exploiting their countries to death? Would we see the fall of the military Junta in Myanmar and the change of regime in China? Will there be a change of dynamic in the over exploited African Nations?

I was then thinking that the people who revolted in Tunisia and those revolting in Egypt did not belong to a political group. They were people like me and most of us who are not politically connected. They didn’t start the revolution on the behest of any political party or a leader. The people revolting in Egypt still don’t have a leader, they are just looking for a change of the tyrannic regime. Can we in India ever revolt against the government or an establishment without a political inclination or without the support of some political party. Can we have a people revolution?