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The Bhaunkta Kutta, yeah its kinda strange, I was looking for a name for my blog and was calling some friends for suggestions and happened to get a suggestion from Meeta to keep it The Barking Dog, I thought its kinda nice and The Barking Dog was the kind of blog name which could let me bark or write about anything. I have not been much into reading blogs till now and still I am yet to get over the fascinating idea of Micro Blogging alias TWITTER, that is why I was also oblivious to write about a specific topic. I could not restrict my thoughts to one direction, thoughts and dreams should be set free to take its own course. I was suggested to write about Legal stuffs, just cause of the fact that I am a lawyer. But I didnt want my thoughts to also be legal, trust me my mind too gets tired of the whole legal drama in my life. So I decided to not restrict myself to the legalities of my profession and my life but to let my thoughts be more colourful and mischievous. So the Barking Dog, as we have the famous hindi proverb, thanks to Sunny Deol and the likes, “Jo kutte Bhaunkte hain wo kuch karte nahin”, this did make me think if I want to just bark or want to make some sense by what I write, BUT then I realised in the world we live now, it all starts from the Bark. We can not make a point without bhaunking, people are so rigid to their own ideas that its difficult to make them bend to the right side, though its always easier to make it happen on the wrong side. So to make a point or for your ideas to be heard it always have to start with some noise. There I was thinking that I have so much cooking up in my wicked mind which is all ignited and waiting to get blasted that I need to start barking till the people actually notice some of it. Yes bark to get noticed also because Creativity afterall is loosing the sheen, thanks to CHINA . Thats how the Barking Dog was given a thumbs up by my mind. But then I thought that we are so close to the Independence Day and to be honest I am a bit more Deshpremee kind that I thought of giving it a Hindi touch, so there came The Bhaunkta Kutta. I had come up with a lot of other names and was told that they were a bit serious, unlike my personality, and that’s when I got to know that I had a little humor still alive, so I was suggested not to bring my seriousness out in public and let the fun side be the mirror hiding the seriousness yet reflecting the humor. Here I am all set to start writing, the excitement of giving words to my thoughts is bringing a lot of ideas in my mind and making me feel like writing endlessly, maybe that shall happen, but I would try to make things grow slowly and keep the creativity and curiosity alive. Hope that I would get all the support as I always got in giving words to my thoughts and creativity. Would end it with bhaunking “LONG LIVE ME” afterall this blog wont exist without ME. WOOF WOOF !!!