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Change, one word which is connected with us from the moment we open our eyes in this weird world. From our inception all that we are asked for is to change, all that people expect from us is to change. We too are a part of the gentry and we too keep trying our best to change everything and everyone around us to suit our own comfort and convenience. But what we always forget is that the same force is working on us, even we are being changed in this changing process. We all believe that change is good, after all this is what fuels the process of evolution. But somehow we don’t realise that this change is mostly not for good.

Its said love should be unconditional, and true love always exist. I think its true and it does exist as its true only when we be what we are and let our partner be what they are. But most of the times we end up changing ourself or our partner and then fall off love. Fall off because the person we loved doesnt remain the same, change takes its toll and so it’s not possible to love this new person who emerges after the changing process.
If we start being ourself and we stop expecting the unexpected from anything and anyone things would be less wrong in life. We all are right in our own ways, in our own perception and understandings. So we should try to understand what we think to be wrong is right for the other, give it a hearing before coming to a conclusion, maybe what you believe to be right might actually be wrong. It is the bit of innocence in us that still keeps some love and smile alive in this rigid world. I always thought that a child is life in its purest form, unfazed by anything good or bad, for the child everything is good and nothing is bad, till he/she learns it or is taught about it.

Change is needed and we can’t live without changing, after all we move to a new day with every step of ours. But we always try to change others and let others change us, I believe that if we try to change ourself and let others change themselves then we surely would love this change as it would be for the good, after all nobody knows you better than you.

‘Knowing or believing’

During one of my travels I had met a bunch of people, we started talking and then we decided to play a game introduced by this guy as the travellers game, a question was to be asked which would have 2 options and every one had to choose one option and reason his choice. We were 2 guys and 3 girls, none of us knew each other from before and interestingly we all were from different countries, different in our nature and culture. Thought the game to be a bit childish, but when we started playing it was insane how our intellect was tingled and how we were different from each other in our thoughts and perspective.

The first question shot was ‘stream or ocean’. 3 people chose ocean, describing it as the symbol of greatness and power, the size and magnitude, the unending and the Ocean’s take it all nature. It was interesting to see the way they compared ocean to life. The other guy chose stream as he felt that the stream had the ability to change and become a river while the ocean was too perfect. I too chose stream and reasoned that it was similar to our lives as it goes through ups and down, straight and turns, and it made its own path. What struck me was that the 3 girls chose ocean while we 2 guys chose stream. It was wonderful how we all were conceptualizing extempore ideas about the same things relating them to our own life.

There were questions like ‘melody or beat’, ‘love or lust’, if suicide was an act of ‘bravery or cowardice’, but the one which particularly struck me was a question by this girl ‘knowing or believing’. Every one chose knowing except Me. All of them had their reasons, kind of similar to each other. For them knowing was what made them believe. Knowing was the existent and factual part of life which made us do things correct and without the knowing belief was nonexistent. One of them actually chose both the options as for her both were interconnected and they together made us move in life.

It was my turn and I was on a fix, as I thought what everyone said did make sense. Afterall seeing was believing and the fact was always supreme. I chose Believing. If I didn’t believe before knowing then all my dreams would had been trash, the fantasies which were factually nonexistent were existing because I believed in them. For me it was the belief which gave me the zeal to know things. Its believing in things which gave me the kick and excitement, as without it the world would be all black and white as it is my belief which adds the colour to this factual world.

It was a wonderful experience to see how we all are unique in our own ways and how our thoughts made us different from eachother.