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OMG!! Heard Swami Agnivesh on one of the news channels saying that if the Council of Ministers are included in the Lokpal how can the Prime Minister not be a part of it when Article 14 of the Constitution of India say every one is equal. Unbelievably the people, most of them young, were clapping on this statement. I have now started feeling I am living in a nation of FOOLS. People who are unknown about what is being said, people who have no idea who is right and who is wrong, yet they are clapping their way to their own destruction. The Prime Minister is on a different position than the council of Ministers and thats why he is not equal to the other Ministers and so I wonder what in the wildest sense did Agnivesh wanted to say. Yes I am not calling Swami now as I dont think he deserves it by misguiding the people.

The other day Prashant Bhushan said that Naxalism is the creation of the government. I mean what on earth does this have to do with corruption. Its like saying because there is corruption my we dont have rains. I am amazed at the way things are turning everyday.

Kiran Bedi saying India is Anna and Anna is India.. For me Anna maybe nothing but an imposter but who is she to say that Anna is India for me? Yes for me as they are speaking on my behalf. I wish all of them could tell me when did I or the millions others gave them the right to speak on their behalf, gave them the right to be my representative. I had voted for my representative and he is doing his job. Maybe not as he should do but me along with millions had elected them. I can be wrong in my decision but a billion people cant go wrong together. As per team Anna we are a Nation of FOOLS. Why cant they say that they are the representatives of the people who are supporting them??

I am sick of all that is happening. I feel disgusted to see all the people following the wishes of a bunch of people without even knowing what they are following. I feel ashamed that I am living in a country where the media is biased to one side and they are the one forcing the people to join a cause which is not even the real cause. Why cant the media voice the critics too? I feel cheated that the cause against corruption is being equated to the Jan Lokpal Bill and the Parliament is being held on ransom. I feel sad that our opposition is dwindling in the middle without a stand when the entire Parliamentary system under the constitution is under threat. I am as disgusted by the way this movement is going on as I am with corruption.

I dont want these bunch of people so called forming the civil society to rule me. Yes they are in ways ruling me by commanding the government which has been formed by my contribution. I am not supporting the Government or Corruption. I am against the cause of the movement which had started with Corruption and has now become a movement for Jan Lokpal Bill. I am tired of living in a FOOLS PARADISE.


Anna Revolution!

Anna Hazare - Delhi
Image by vm2827 via Flickr

A revolution started by one man called Anna Hazare has spreaded like fire across the nation. People are lending support from all corners and supporting his endeavour of a corruption free India. I was wondering if it was a glimpse of the Jasmin Revolution spreading into India? If this revolution is different from what we have had in recent times?

The Jasmin Revolution as I had written in my earlier post was different as it had no political intent as it were the general people revolting against a tyrant government without any political involvement. The support received by Anna Hazare has been very similar to that of the Jasmin Revolution. General Citizens came out in support of the old man and the politicians were kept out of it. It was remarkable to see how Chautala and Uma Bharti were kicked out of Jantar Mantar and not allowed to meet Anna. This showed the similar nature of this revolt qua the Jasmin Revolution.

Jasmin Revolution made a strong attack also for the reason that it was being mainly supported by the youth. It was spreading more on cyberspace, people were speaking about it and supporting it in every corner of the globe.  Same is the support that Anna has garnered, more of youth support and the widespread talks and support on social media has led to Indians from all over the world standing for the cause.

I do see a striking resemblance in both the revolution and hope that it goes the long way in uprooting the corrupt and corruption.

A lot of people still don’t know what the agitation is for, what are we supporting. It is a fight against corruption, but how? We have all heard of the Jan Lokpal Bill, but what is this bill all about?

The bill drafted by Justice Santosh Hegde, Prashant Bhushan and Arvind Kejrival provides for a Jan Lokpal, a body which will be an Independent Body to investigate corruption cases and will have no influence of the legislature like the judiciary. The investigation will be time barred and shall be completed within one year and the trial should be completed in the next one year. So effectively the accused should be convicted within 2 years from the date of complaint.

The members of the Lokpal will be appointed by the judges, constitutional authorities and citizens. The functioning of the Lokpal will be completely transparent and any complaint against any lokpal officials will have to be investigated and decided within 2 months.

So if any government official seeks money or purposely delays the work of any citizen or if the public work is not being done efficiently and in proper quality, a complaint can be made against such government officials to the lokpal, which will in our words kick all such officers while the complainant will be protected.

Is this the solution for a corruption free India? What if the judges appointing the lokpal are corrupt? Even the citizens are corrupt as they are the one who have been a party to the rise in corruption by electing the corrupt. Who is going to vouch for the appointing authorities when corruption has reached every corner of the society? Be it the legislature, executive or the judiciary, corruption has become an inherent part of the functioning of all pillars of our democracy. I dont totally agree with the Jan Lokpal Bill, but then we need to move ahead and experiment it as there is no other way for now.

A corruption free India is like a sweet lie we all dream to be true. The Jan Lokpal Bill is a positive step towards making this lie a true reality.

I pledge my support to the fight against the corruption and for the enactment of the Jan Lokpal Bill. Do you?